Hello Hongkong...Hello shenzhen and hello Guangzhou...shopping and shopping from 8-12 november 2009

2 days at guangzhou...it was fun we stay at garden hotel it was big and so cozy...love it ^^ took pictures with lots of flower from the lobby until front door...the second day we eat at indonesian restaurant it was awful hahaha...but hey the doctor (mom's business partner treat us so we sould thank u him ^^)

I bought lotsss of shoesss so happy

and i can't say i'm in HK if i havent eat the apple pie...it was YUMMY i love it so much...bought 2 of it plus double cheese burger ^^

I travel with my mom and her partner and my uncle iwan...we eat a lot of noodle and duck rice ^^

lots to share ^^ my fav.shopping place was the first time mom took me to a shoe store...i was in love with all the shoes over there...in jakarta the shoes prob worth a million in here only 80 thousand rupiah...i bought a lot but not lot enough untill i control my self saying other place could have more models of shoes...

The 3rd day we arrived in HK...shopping at H&M untill i drop...i love the store ^^ more cheap than ZARA hihihi

LOve my travel to HK and china this time

Love you mom for making it happend


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